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Training Services

     Here at Local Fitness Corp we like to think beyond the weights and provide our clients with a fully immersed experience. From our initial in-depth health intake. To our thorough biomechanical and postural analysis, you will quickly see what sets us apart from the others.  

Diving into a new fitness program is hard. Thats why we created the Local Fitness Corp app to help keep you on track during your fitness journey. From the App you will be able to:

     - access customized workout routines with

        videos to assist in proper form and technique

     - prescribed daily cardio routines tracked by                 MyZone heart rate monitors (*sold separately)

     -ability to track your diet via MyFitnessPal

     -direct access to your coach

Local Fitness Corp not only provides you with the tools you need not only to reach your goals, but to smash through them in more ways than one.


Click on any of the training services in the drop down screen to find out more.

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