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Training Services

     Here at Local Fitness Corp we like to think beyond the weights and provide our clients with a fully immersed experience. From our initial in-depth health intake. To our thorough biomechanical and postural analysis, you will quickly see what sets us apart from the others.  

Diving into a new fitness program is hard. Thats why we created the Local Fitness Corp app to help keep you on track during your fitness journey. From the App you will be able to:

     - access customized workout routines with

        videos to assist in proper form and technique

     - prescribed daily cardio routines tracked by                 MyZone heart rate monitors (*sold separately)

     -ability to track your diet via MyFitnessPal

     -direct access to your coach

Local Fitness Corp not only provides you with the tools you need not only to reach your goals, but to smash through them in more ways than one.


Click on any of the training services in the drop down screen to find out more.

  • Why use Local Fitness Corp. over the other in-home services?
    Local Fitness Corp. is a unique concept that delivers the gym directly to your home, office or anywhere else that's convenient to you. Unlike other in-home fitness services, where they lug their equipment into your home, our trailer is packed with all the goodies the other guys simply can not provide. We offer a spacious, clean, beautifully designed gym that shows up right in front of your house. Along with the convenience of your own personal gym, we also offer access to our Local Fitness Corp App. On the app you will receive your monthly program design tailored just for you. Full nutritional tracking. And direct access to your coach when you have any questions or need help. We give you the tools you need to hold you full accountable and reach your goals.
  • What areas do you travel to?
    We service all of Nassau County and parts of Western Suffolk.
  • What's inside the trailer?
    This is not your ordinary cargo trailer. We had this baby custom made to make it unlike anything you have ever seen. Once you step inside you will feel like you're inside a high end boutique gym and not inside a trailer at all. With tall ceilings, high end rustic design, multiple windows and equipped with heat and air for those winter and summer months. The trailer comes equiped with all the toys you need: -Squat rack with pull up bar -Functional Trainer Pulley System -Rubber Hex Dumbbells -PowerBlocks -Kettlebells -Rubber and Iron Olympic Plates -Multiple types of barbells for different lifts and landmine options - Air Bike - Endless Rope - Inertia Wave Battle Rope System and much, much more.
  • What if the trailer can not fit on the street, in my driveway or at my office?"
    The attached trailer will require around 50ft of open space in order to safely maneuver and park the gym on your property. If this is not possible we can discuss a nearby location we can legally use for our workouts.
  • What if there is a snow storm or other weather event?
    In the chance of inclement weather we have a few options depending on the severity of the situation: If the trailer cannot safely travel to you, you can either: - have the tow vehicle bring equipment to you for an in-home session - set up a time and train via ZOOM - do one of your prescribed workouts from the LFC app If we must cancel you can make up the session at a later date, you will not lose it.
  • Does the gym have air conditioning and heat?
    Yes, the trailer is equiped with a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and heat strip. We also have multiple windows and doors that are able to be opened for increased air flow.
  • How long are the training sessions?
    Training sessions are 55 minutes in length. This gives us adequate time to properly clean the gym and travel to our next cleint.
  • What can I expect from the initial consultation?
    The initial consultation is our chance to learn about you. First we sit down and talk about your goals, injuries, likes, dislikes, set backs and any other information we can attain to help paint a picture of who you are. This helps us navigate the best way to approach your fitness program that fits into your busy life and the way you're programmed to run from day to day. Here we also take basic intake information such as body fat and measurements. Next we put you through a series of dynamic assessments. This phase helps us draw a blueprint of how your body works. Anybody can make you sweat. Our goal is to figure out how your body moves, pin point strengths and weaknesses, then design our programs around that information to give you the best workouts for your own unique body type. Finally, we take this information and make a plan to get you to your goals. We set up your weekly workout routine for live sessions and guided at home workouts via the LFC app. We prescribe your daily cardio and mobility routines. Lastly we teach you how to start tracking your nutrition with our LFC app.
  • How often should I work out with a LFC coach?
    We have clients who workout 2-4x a week depending on their goals. That being said, we recommend to first start training 2x a week. This ensures that you start off on the right foot. You will learn proper form, proper technique, tempos, rep ranges and all the basics to ensure your safety and enhance your confidence to work out when your coach is not there.
  • Do you have a Nutritionist?
    While we offer nutritional tracking and guidance by our own in-house nutritional coach, sometimes you will need a deeper and more holistic approach. We are associated with a very talented Registered Dietician that can help you with many of your dietary needs.
  • Do I train on days that LFC does not come?
    YES!!!!!!!!!! All packages come with access to our Local Fitness Corp app. From the app we will program design your weekly workout and cardio routine to complement the days we train. We hold you accountable so you can reach and exceed your goals.
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