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Hear what people have to say...

"Chris has been my trainer for the last 10 years.  He is very personable and a well rounded trainer.  He has helped build up my flexibility and core strength resulting in my handicap lowering by 5 strokes.  I would recommend Chris for anyone who wants to improve their golf game."

-Robert F.  Oyster Bay CC

"I have been training with Chris for over 5 years. He is the consummate professional in his field.

Initially, I was referred to him for his golf/fitness expertise. Quickly I realized he excels in a wide range of areas in exercise programming. 

What differentiates Chris from other trainers is his genuine desire to see improvement while personalizing a routine to fit your own individual needs which are constantly changing.

Chris has a wonderful working knowledge of the human body and can adapt any workout to best serve any given circumstance. He is always available to answer questions, rework your routine and many times will send you videos and/or written descriptions for additional at home practice. 

No workout is ever the same, he make each day a new experience which keeps the workout sessions fresh and unique."

-Dawn G. Muttontown CC

"Anyone who is serious about taking their golf game to the next level should workout with Chris.  I've worked hand-in-hand with him the last few years and encourage all of my clients to see him for a physical evaluation.

Swing flaws happen in the golf swing for many reasons, one such cause can be a physical issue.  Chris has a keen eye for any strength, balance or flexibility deficiencies that my students may have that can quickly be addressed."

-Anthony Cancro

PGA Director of Instruction

Pine Hollow Country Club

"I have been training with Chris for nearly five years.  In that time under his guidance, I have greatly improved my strength, flexibility and overall health.  Before working with Chris I suffered from often debilitating back pain, and as an avid golfer that was a terrible problem. Now I am completely pain free.  I credit my training sessions with Chris in helping me feel better and lowering my handicap from 12 to 7.  Chris is innovative, always well-prepared, encouraging, and able to push me beyond my comfort zone.  I have been using personal trainers for over twenty years, some of whom were excellent, but none have had as much of a positive impact as Chris."

-Dan L.  Old Westbury CC 

"I have been doing Personal Training with Chris Odone since 2014.  Working with him has changed my view on physical fitness, health, and nutrition.  Chris is super knowledgeable and has played a key role in helping me achieve and maintain my fitness goals.  He is a great listener and always takes my concerns seriously.  He will quickly adjust my workout plan if it is not working perfectly.  Chris always lays out a clear path and is great at communicating what goals we are working towards.  He has helped me to address old injuries and keep them from reoccurring.  Chris has made me look forward to going to the gym.  He is friendly, professional, and wonderful at motivating his clients to push themselves to be the best."

-Monica F.  Syosset, NY

"I have trained with Chris for over 12 years-I should be a triathlete by now but I have had various knee and shoulder surgeries.  The reason that I keep going back is that Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and creative in his approach to training. In addition to having advanced degrees in training he keeps up with developments in his field and applies new ideas to keep the workouts interesting.  

He is an awesome trainer and I have recommended him to friends and family who all love him too.  Oh, and he’s really funny-you will be laughing as he kills you!"

-Virginia S.  Garden City, NY

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