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Mobile fitness taken to the next level

Welcome to Long Islands first and only mobile gym.   Some might say they bring the gym to you, but here at Local Fitness Corp we literally bring a  high end gym right to your home or office.  No more trainers lugging equipment in and out of your home or office.  No more limited workouts due to lack of equipment.  Our brand new, custom built mobile gym is the latest thing in mobile fitness.  It is fully equipped with all the amenities needed to get you into the best shape possible.  

Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to feel better, move better, and crush their goals.  We strive to educate, motivate and empower our clients every step of the way.

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Mobility & Flexibility



Hear what people have to say...

"Anyone who is serious about taking their golf game to the next level should workout with Chris.  I've worked hand-in-hand with him the last few years and encourage all of my clients to see him for a physical evaluation.

Swing flaws happen in the golf swing for many reasons, one such cause can be a physical issue.  Chris has a keen eye for any strength, balance or flexibility deficiencies that my students may have that can quickly be addressed."

-Anthony Cancro

PGA Director of Instruction

Pine Hollow Country Club

Arthur Beck

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